Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Peter Kormos: 1952 - 2013

I had a lot of respect for Peter Kormos although he was extremely frustrating to work with,  He was truly a maverick and uncompromising who at times was a thorn in the side of his own party.  He was a socialist, populist and a excellent advocate for his many causes and beliefs - one of which was a government-run auto insurance in Ontario.

I enjoyed listening to him debate in the legislature and he had some colourful quotes which he used to describe the insurance sector.  Here are some that I remember.

"Insurance companies have the proverbial short arms and deep pockets."

"The fact is that the insurance industry is an untameable beast, an uncageable monster, an unleashable mad dog."

"The governmnt has been so deep in the back pockets of the auto insurance industry that they're spitting out lint."

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