Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Insurance News - Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ontario Drivers Satisfied With Their Auto Insurance

Auto insurance isn’t everyone’s favourite monthly expense, but just how do Canadians feel about the subject? Canadian company InsurEye Inc. has completed an auto insurance consumer satisfaction survey to answer the question: “How do Canadians feel about auto insurance and which provinces have the most critical consumer perspective?”

The most critical attitude towards auto insurance is in British Columbia. The most positive attitude towards auto insurance was registered in Quebec, closely followed by Ontario and Saskatchewan.

The survey suggests that auto insurance stakeholders in Ontario may be exaggerating consumer unhappiness with the 2010 reforms. Consumers are positive about claims experience but negative about value for money despite the fact that rates have stabilized. The reforms have not produced much in the way of lower rates after two years of increases. Rates remain the highest in Canada.


Texas Turning Up the Heat on Fraudsters

The heat is getting turned up on fraudsters in Texas as the state’s Department of Insurance is backing the designation of a second county insurance fraud prosecutor and investigator with the aim of adding more in the future.

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has agreed to pay for a new insurance fraud prosecutor and investigator at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.


Allstate Files $6 Million Insurance Fraud Case

Allstate Insurance Company has filed its second insurance fraud lawsuit of 2012, seeking to recover $6 million against 4 New York area defendants. The Complaint names a physician, a medical professional corporation, a management company, and an unlicensed layperson who allegedly used his management company to control at least one medical professional corporation.

The Allstate action is similar to civil suits filed against Toronto health care facilities by a number of Ontario insurers.


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