Friday, 10 February 2012

Insurance News - Friday, February 10, 2012

NY Senate Passes Bill Making Forging Auto Insurance Card a Felony

The New York State Senate has passed legislation designed to ramp up penalties for those who commit automobile insurance fraud.

The bill, SB 578, would make it a felony to forge an auto insurance card, certificate of insurance or other documents that are required to legally operate a motor vehicle. Forged insurance cards and documents are often used to fraudulently register cars so that owners may operate them without paying auto insurance premiums. The bill also makes it a felony to sell 10 or more false insurance cards or documents.


Hillsborough County's Crackdown Leads to 62% Decrease in Staged Auto Accidents

Crackdown on Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fraud - or staged auto accidents - yields dramatic results in just the first six months in Hillsborough County, Florida. Today, the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the County's Consumer Protection Agency are releasing numbers spotlighting a 62 percent decrease in staged auto accidents and questionable insurance claims. This is the first report since passage of the Hillsborough County PIP Medical Providers Ordinance last September.


Judge Declares Mediation “Failed” if not Mediated within 60 Day

A decision from the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario was released that declares a mediation by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) failed if it has not been mediated within 60 days of the application being submitted.

Cornie v. Security National [2012 ONSC 905] was heard with three other similar cases.

Justice Sloan found the insurance companies’ postion that accident victims must simply wait to be ”preposterous” and suggests that FSCO can continue to try to comply with the 60 day period or seek a change and/or ask for some legislative direction to extend the 60 day period in appropriate circumstances.

He points out that it currently appears that FSCO’s Dispute Resolution Services’ Mediation Unit is functioning without timelines and has been doing so for years. No one wants to go to court for any sum under $10,000 if mediation can resolve the issue, but accident victims should not have to remain in perpetual limbo.


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